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What our happy clients say after purchasing a puppy/puppies from Chow Chow Band. We always walk our clients through the whole process from shipping their puppies and taking care of their puppies when they arrive to their various homes safely.

Hello Chow Chow Band ,

I wanted to thank you for allowing my family to have the sweetest most lovable pup. Lancie came into our lives late June. He is absolute best dog anyone

could ask for.

He is big mush but had the greatest personality. He give us so much joy and love. He is the most amazing dog, anyone that meets him loves him. Even people that are not dog lovers or were afraid of dogs, loves Casey.

Thank you again for our sweet boy.

With gratitude,

Jessica Wayne

After having Chow Chows in our life for over 20 years we found ourselves Chowless. We were lucky enough to happen upon Chow Puppies Alley. We learned Chow Chow Band took great care in breeding their dogs for health and temperament. This was important to our family. Temperament and health are important but the dogs must look good, too. Chow Chow Band dogs are definitely great looking! In emailing and talking to Chow Chow Band we found that she truly wants the best for her dogs and the puppies she adopts out to lucky families. Our girl pup has brought us a joy that had been missing in our home.

Michele, North Dakota

Chow Chow Band

I wanted you to know that after 4 great years, Molly is still

wonderful. I have included 3 pictures of Molly’s first day with us

(Chow Chow Band delivered Molly to us in MN back in 2017.) He is absolutely the perfect dog for us. His temperament far exceeded what we had ever hoped for, especially when a baby came along in 2018. He is loyal, gentle, caring and funny. He loved to chase bunnies, turkeys and deer. (I think his record is 1 out of 1,000, but he never quit!)

Many thanks to you for breeding such high quality dogs and nutrition for the dogs so they can have a high quality life. We love him more .

Lisa wright

Our chow chow Askia is the sweetest most loving dog in the world! From the moment I saw him on Chow Chow Band’s site it was instant love and we just love him more and more everyday! Best Christmas present I ever received last year:)!

We would recommend Chow Chow Band Pals to anyone looking to add a new chow member to the family! Not only are the dogs perfect ( basically potty trained at 11 weeks) but Chow Chow Band is amazing and loves on them till they find their forever home! Couldn’t be any happier with our baby and will be getting our next baby from Chow Chow Band in the years to come!

Patricia and Thomson, SC

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