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Guarantee About Our Chow Chow Puppies

Over our years of experience with the Chow chow breed, we have been offering guarantees with various conditions and of different lengths, but all based on one key principle: We always stand by our customers throughout their whole time with their dog. Therefore on the rare occasion when one of our dogs had a serious health issue, we have always tried to help, regardless of whether the guarantee covered it or if the guarantee was still valid.
We always make sure our puppies take the following health test: 
    – Patella Evaluation
    – Thyroid Evaluation
    – Elbow Evaluation
    – Hip Evaluation
    – Ophthalmologist Evaluation
    All of our puppies come with a 14 day guarantee against contagious diseases, as well as a 1 year health guarantee which covers hereditary and genetic conditions.
    This includes: Hip/knee dysplasia as long as it is confirmed to be genetic/hereditary versus trauma, eye entropion if not caused by infection.
    We do require that you provide certified documentation from your veterinarian that we will then have our veterinarian evaluate to ensure the proper diagnosis was given.
    All guarantees are at our discretion.
    We do what is best for our dogs and if for any reason you purchase a puppy and are not able to keep that puppy/dog down the road we guarantee that dog a forever home with us. We love our dogs and if they are not able to be placed into a home, we provide one for the rest of the dog’s life.

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