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 Chow Coloring

We are often asked about the various colors of the Chow Chow Dog Breed? Like the Blue, Cream/White, Black, Red and the Fawn color
Due to the passion I have for the Chow Chow Breed and the desire to help any passionate Chow Chow breed lover, i have decided to explain the various colors of the Chow Chow breed. 
Officially according to the standard of chow-chow Purebred, they are five colors: 
– Cream/White
– Red
– Black
– Blue
– Fawn
These are the 5 major color known to be standard
Let’s consider all the listed colors in order.
Cream/White Chow Chow
This color is often called white, but as well as other colors there are different shades of cream color. This creamy cream is a shade with light apricot ears and wool color of melted milk. Cream cream is the most saturated cream tone.
The next type of cream color is pink cream – this is the average tone of cream color saturation.
And the last kind of cream color is a white cream – it’s almost a white dog with only ears of a slightly yellowish-pink tinge.
Chow-chow cream-colored are extremely beautiful and unusual. From myself I can say that passers-by on the street just do not let me walk around quietly. As soon as I appear with my creamy chow all around from children and to retired people smile and admiringly ask – what kind of wonderful white cubs. And equally popular are the boys of creamy hue and shade of melted milk and a snow-white girl. They are truly incomparable, each in its own way.
Cream color is one of the rarest, very trendy and naturally expensive.
Now I’ll stop and take care of this color. I want to assure you that caring for cranberry chow practically does not differ from caring for other colors. The only thing that I often enough clean them with dry shampoo, that they were in great shape. And I bathe just like all other colors. Once every 4-6 months. I want to note that the cream chow-chow is very affectionate, neat and extremely obedient dogs. In addition, they have an excellent biofield and very high intelligence, so the presence of creamy chow in the house creates a non-repeatable atmosphere of peace of kindness and coziness in the house. If you want something very beautiful, and most importantly unusual, fashionable, unusual, “white and fluffy”, then the cream color is created especially for you!
Red Color Chow Chow
It’s a classic. Most people represent our breed remembering a bright red bear. Not in vain the red color, despite the largest number among all the colors, is also the most popular among the puppies’ buyers.
We will analyze the varieties of red color.
First of all, it is certainly red. This is the brightest and the most saturated of the varieties of red color. It can cast in brown and brick and even in cherry tints.
Sometimes a fiery red color is called a mahogany. Chow red color is always unusually elegant and spectacular. Even middle-class dogs with such color will look very nice, what can we say about high-class animals. Unfortunately, this color has recently become less common.
The second variety of red color is itself reddish color. He also looks very beautiful, is the most common and favorite, as I said earlier.
And the third variety is light-red. It is also called fawn. Dogs of this color are very advantageous in the exhibition rings. As a rule, chow of this color is very well “dressed”, they have a lot of adorning hair on their paws, tails and panties. A gentle apricot shade gives the dog a festive and sunny look. Among champions, a large percentage of dogs with this color. On my own I can say that this is one of my most favorite colors of the chow-chow.
Black Color Chow Chow
It’s also classic. Dogs of black color are almost always beautifully “dressed”, they have a rich lion’s mane, they are distinguished by strong health, they only need to behave carefully during the heat guarding against overheating. Choosing a puppy of black color, try to choose the puppy as black as possible “anthracite” shade.
If you are determined to get yourself a black puppy, then make every effort to buy a really good dog.
Remember! What is not particularly noticeable on the red dog, on the black will look caricatured, all the minuses of your pet will be visible as in the palm of your hand. Therefore, in order not to be upset later, try to find a puppy with the most promising data.
Blue Color Chow Chow
That’s really the truth about what color ask the most questions. And what is he like? How is the sky? Like a British cat? Or like a silver poodle?
When the puppy is small, depending on the degree of clarity, it looks like smoke-silver-black, can slightly cast into the blue.
When the dog grows, it looks like a black, with a shade of wet asphalt. And also with a smoke-blue tint. This color is very rare and beautiful. Its hard enough to get. Requirements for the quality of the exterior, it is the same as in black. If you can find the chow-chow of an excellent exterior, and even the blue color, then you can consider yourself a real lucky person.
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